First Day @ Busan, Korea

I have been thinking what I should post for my second post. And I decided to share a bit about my experience in Korea. So, this was actually the second time going on a trip without my family and it was the longest overseas trip taken. My cousin and I booked the Malaysia airline tickets last year January for a our trip in July. We were super excited about this trip and had read up a lot about Korea in order to decide where we wanted to visit. So, the first city that we had visited was Busan.

To go to Busan from Incheon International Airport, there were two ways. You can take KTX from Incheon directly to Busan or take AREX to Seoul Station and then from Seoul Station, take KTX to Busan. Personally, I preferred the first option as it was more convenience. You don’t have to drag that bulky luggage along to climb the stairs just to transfer to another train. But, the actual situation was that we couldn’t get the KTX tickets from Incheon to Busan directly. So, we have the dragged our tired body and our luggage to board that train from Incheon to Seoul, and transfer at Seoul. My suggestion is that booked the KTX tickets earlier via online instead of buying on the spot.

The trip from Seoul station to Busan was actually very long. If I remembered correctly, Busan should be the last stop. It took about 2h 30min to reach Busan. From Busan KTX station, we walked about 5 min to get to the subway station. Our accommodation was at Elysee Motel, located near Nampodong station. The reason that we picked Elysee Motel was because KTO (Korea Tourism Organization) recommended it on their website. Our place was very near to various markets such as Jalgachi Fish Market and Gukje Market which we visited later.

After checking in, we went to our first itinerary of the day, Taejongdae…

2015-02-04 14.46.04

If you are a scenery person and don’t really mind a bit of hiking, you might want to consider visiting this place. I think you don’t have to pay for entrance fee. There are a lot of locals like to visit this place and you don’t see a lot of tour buses around which is a good thing, I feel. It was a good place for you to relax. This place was named after King Taejong, according to KTO website and he enjoyed practiced shooting at this place.

2015-02-04 15.24.11

So after walking up and down the slopes and stairs. the sky started to turn dark. It was time to go back to Elysee Motel. Of course, before going back to our accommodation, we need to fill our stomach. The owner of Elysee Motel had recommended two places to us. One of them was a BBQ place and the other one was a seafood place. So, we decided to go to this seafood place located right at Jalgachi Fish Market. We flashed a brochure which the owner of Elysee Motel had given us to get discount. The seafood place owner served us a few courses with some side dishes to go along with it. Each person just need to pay 25,000 won.

For a 25,000 won meal, you get to experience authentic korean food, the korean way of dining and the friendliness from the locals. I think it was really worth it.

2015-02-04 15.31.55

The next post I will write more about my personal experience in Busan…


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