3rd Day @ Jeju-do

For the last two days, I saw some ‘likes’ on the last two posts I have made about my trip at Busan. It was very encouraging. Thank you everyone for the support!!!

So, this post is about my experience in Jeju-do…

From Busan to Jeju-do, we took the domestic flight, Jeju air, from Ginhae International Airport to Jeju International Airport. The trip took about 1h if I remembered correctly. For your information, they only allowed check-in baggage of no more than 15kg. So, make sure not to over-pack if you were to take the domestic flight.

Once we reached Jeju International Airport, we went straight to the information counter to find out about the bus services available in Jeju. To travel around Jeju-do, most of the people will either booked a taxi to take them around or rent a car. For us, we took bus number 600 and alight at Yeomiji Garden stop where most of the famous attractions were within walking distance from there.

After alighting at Yeomiji Garden, we walked about 5 min to get to the KTO building where they allowed tourists to deposit their luggage free of charge. You can get a map from the staffs working at KTO and asked them for directions. Most of them know how to converse in English and Chinese. Since Cheonjeyeon waterfall was only 10 min away from the KTO building, we decided to visit that place first, followed by Jusangjeolli cliff, which was around 40 min away from the waterfall.

Cheonjeyeon waterfall means ‘The pond of God’ according to the KTO webpage. It was divided into three sections where you get to see the gigantic waterfall which the water flowed downward to generate the second and the third waterfall before going to the sea.

There is also the Seonimgyo Bridge and the Cheonjeru Tower which you go to and take plenty of nice pictures. To visit that place, my advice is to dress comfortably and wear proper shoes instead of slippers because of the stairs and the wet grounds near the waterfall.

From Cheonjeyeon waterfall, we took 40 min to walk to Jusangjeolli cliff. Jusangjeolli cliff was another amazing place that I would recommend to visit. As I grew up in a city, surrounded only by tall buildings, I find this place really wonderful. You get to see the unique stone pillars along the coast which was formed naturally by the lava flowing from Mountain Hallasan to the sea of Jungmun. I would say this is a must-visit place.

Because of the lack of time, we did not spend too time much at Jusangjeolli cliff. Walking at a much faster pace, we reached the KTO building to collect our luggage since they closed at 5.30pm. After getting some directions to the Teddy Bear museum from the KTO staff, we dragged our luggage and walked about 5 min before reaching the museum.

Teddy Bear museum, as it’s name suggested, it has a wide collection of teddy bears. The teddy bears were dressed up as different characters that you know…Charlie Chaplin, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Bruce Lee etc. Some teddy bears were around the height of an adult, so you can take pictures with it. Most of the teddy bears were protected by the glass boxes, so they were only viewing purposes. The museum also a collections of teddy bears that were displayed in a timeline fashion so that visitors get to understand how the teddy bear designs evolved.

After spending some time at the museum, it was almost time for us to grab some dinner and make our way to our accommodations.

In the upcoming post I will write a bit more on Jeju-do…please look forward to that=)


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