4th Day @ Jeju-do (Part 1)

Our 4th day at Jeju-do was started off with a hearty breakfast provided by the owner of the BnB. Our taxi driver, whom we have communicated earlier via email and Line chat, meet-up with us at our accommodation to discuss the itinerary for the day. After the discussion, we set-off to our first destination of the day: Seongeup Folk Village.

Seongeup Folk Village was suggested by the taxi driver. It was a great place to visit if you are interested in the culture and the unique architecture. The admission is free of charge and they have tour guides around to show you around, explaining the history of this village and Jeju-do. The thing that interests me the most was the harubang, stone grandfather statues, which supposedly can grant your wishes if you touch his nose or ears. Walking along the route, you see houses surrounded by the black lava rock walls which was one of the unique feature in this village.

After the tour, you can get some of the local products such as omija extract which can be diluted with water and drink it daily. According to the tour guide, the tea has five different flavours – sweet, sour, spicy, bitter and salty. People with different health problems will experience different flavours when drinking omija tea and healthy people will taste both sweetness and sourness from the tea. Omija tea has a number of benefits to our health, so please try it if you happens to visit that place.

After getting introduced to the history and the culture of Jeju-do, our taxi driver drove us to Illchulland and Micheon Cave, one of the places where running man have visited before. Micheon Cave is a lava tube with an estimated length of 1.7 km but only part of it was opened for public viewing. Because it was a cave, we were asked to put on an extra outerwear as the temperature will drop drastically when inside the cave. The grounds were wet and occasionally water will drip from the ceiling, so slippers wasn’t recommended when visiting this place. It was interesting to see the unique rock formation as a result of the volcanic lava from Mountain Hallasan.


Outside of Micheon Cave is Illchulland where it has a lot of stone statues lying around, waiting for you to take pictures with it. Jeju-do was well-known to have a lot of stones. So, probably that’s why you will see harubangs (stone grandfather statues) everywhere.

So, that’s all for the first half of our journey on Day 4 at Jeju-do. In the next post, I will continue to talk about our second half of journey on Day 4~~~


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