4th Day @ Jeju-do (Part 2)

Hello! I am back again. Sorry for taking so long to update this blog. So, let’s continue on our journey at Jeju-do…

After visiting Micheon Cave and Illchulland, the taxi driver took us to a restaurant for lunch. If you have done your research about Jeju-do, then you will know that one of the most famous dish that you should try is black pork. When we reached there, there were a lot of tour buses parked outside the restaurant. So, I guess that place was really popular for its BBQ black pork.

The good thing about having a taxi driver was that he can helped us order the food we want and get some discounts from the restaurant owner.

The restaurant was big and there were a lot of Chinese tourists having their lunch as well. We sat at one of the corners which was quieter, waiting for our food to be served. One thing about Korean restaurants which I can’t get used to it is that people always sit on the floor having their meals. It gets very uncomfortable when your feet started to feel numb…

The taxi driver taught us the Korean way of eating….which was to use the lettuce, wrapped with meat, kimchi and other side dishes that you can find on the table, and one-shot!!! The meal was super delicious, the taxi driver will occasionally helped us top-up our side dishes like kimchi and anchovies.

After our delicious meal, we proceed to our next destination…

Along the way, we can see a lot of mini horses. Mini horses looked just like the normal horses but they have shorter legs. Mini horses were very famous in Jeju-do as its bones can be used to make into pills which can help to treat the pain coming from the joints.

So, we have to reach the Maze Land. For those who have watch the variety show, Running Man, you will remember that the Running Man cast were playing a game in the maze. One of the members will be outside the maze, shouting out directions to the rest of the team members so that they can get out quickly. We have tried the exploring the maze also and managed to get out slightly more than an hour. The maze consists of three parts, the first part is a circular maze, followed by the hanyeo or woman diver maze and the last one is the harubong maze.

It was quite fun actually and you get the sense of satisfaction for completing the maze. After taking some pictures, we proceed to the puzzle exhibition located next to the maze to enjoy the cooling breeze coming from the air-con.

The puzzle exhibition explained a bit more about the history of the puzzles and how the puzzle games evolved and changed. One of the games that I saw from the exhibition was the Snake and Ladder game.

After taking a short break, the taxi driver took us to Memorized Theme Park where we learnt a bit more about Korean history and culture.

This will be a good place to go to if you like to learn about history and culture. The place was very big, so it will take about at least two hours to explore the entire park. If the weather is not that good, this place might be an alternative for you to visit.

The next place that we went to was Seongsan Illchulbong Peak. This was one of the places that I would recommend to visit. It has the nicest scenery when viewed from the top…but it can be quite tiring to walk all the way up to the crater…so it would be better to wear track shoes for walking.

Just 10 min drive from Seongsan Illchulbong, we reached Seojipkoji. This is another must-visit place. For people who have watched All-In, this was the filming place. However, we did not get the chance to visit the drama house and gallery as it was closed for renovation. So hopefully, it will be opened the next time.

So, that is all about my 4th day at Jeju-do.

On the fifth day, because of the typhoon, we were not able to leave our accommodations to visit O Sulloc Museum and Mt. Hallasan. Disappointing~~~ We ended up watching Korean dramas to kill some time off.

So, the next upcoming post will be on Seoul~~~


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