Seoul Part 1

Nami Island has a shape that resembles a half-moon and was named after General Nami who won a great battle against rebels during Joseon Dynasty. His grave was located at Nami Island. To travel to Nami Island, we have taken the subway to Yongsan station and transferred to ITX to Gapyeong station. From Gapyeong station, you can choose to buy a bus ticket which costs around 5000 won and it covers various places of attractions including Gapyeong Wharf and Petite France or take a cab directly to Gapyeong Wharf which costs around 3000 won. For us, we took a cab directly to Gapyeong Wharf as we were not aware of the bus service. From Gapyeong Wharf, we purchased the admission tickets for 8000 won per pax (Discounted price for foreigners) and boarded the ferry to Nami Island which took about 30 min.

Nami Island was really beautiful during the summer season. There were a lot of trees and it really reminded me of the scenes in WInter Sonata starred by Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo especially the snowmen. To visit the entire Nami Island, it will take at least two to three hours to explore that place. If i were to come back, I would like to come back during the autumn or the winter season as I am expecting the scenery to be different from the summer season.

Our next stop was Petite France. From Nami Island, we took the ferry back to Gapyeong Wharf and after checking with the information counter, we walked towards the convenience store where the bus stop was located. We bought the tickets and boarded the bus to Petite France.

The admission fee to Petite France costs about 8000 won per pax. If I remembered correctly, there were some discount vouchers available online which we have printed out and one of the vouchers entitled us some discount for admission to Petite France.

Petite France is famous as it is a filming location for quite a number of dramas like Beethoven Virus and You who came from the star. Running man has also came to Petite France before to play the Hide-and-Seek game reenact the scenes from Beethoven Virus. Petite France is like a mini French village with a lot of paintings, rooster sculptures, toys, instruments and etc.

Since the theme for Petite France is about the Little Prince or Le Petit Prince, we have to take some pictures with the Little Prince sculpture as well. Petite France is a beautiful place to visit and its European culture will give you the wrong impression that you are at France rather than at Korea. The only thing which I find it a bit sad was that some of the paintings displayed was vandalized with Chinese characters by visitors…

After spending the day at Nami Island and Petite France, we decided to travel back to our accommodation first before going out for dinner and proceed to Namsan Seoul Tower.

After dinner at Myeongdong, we decided to walk to the cable car boarding point and board the cable car up to Namsan Seoul Tower. However, we lost our way while walking and thus we asked for directions and walked all the way up to Namsan Seoul Tower instead. Although it was a long walk up to the entrance of the observatory, we get to take our time strolling and enjoying the night view from Namsan Park. It was a very tiring but satisfying experience…


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