Seoul Part 2

After taking a long break from blogging, it is time for me to continue blogging about my trip to Seoul. So, after the night at Namsam Seoul Tower, the following day, we went to explore the Hongdae area.To go there, just take Line 9 and alight at Hongik University Station. From exit 9, just walk along the street, you will reach the Hongdae area. This is a very popular place among the youngsters. I would recommend to go on a Saturday when there is a flea market around the corner. Just ask the people in red t-shirts or info booth for direction.

Our first stop was Trick Eye Museum and of course, you need to bring your camera along to snap some nice and funny pictures. A good timing to go will be first thing in the morning when the museum just open so that you can avoid the crowd and take as many pictures as you want. It took us about 2 hours to go through every single mural on display. When purchase the tickets, it might come with the entrance to the ice museum, which is just at the same building, same floor. The ice museum was like a playground with slides, carriage and statues that were carved out from ice and decorated with colorful lighting. It was really an enjoyable morning for me and my companion.

After the visit to the museum, we explore the nearby streets a bit and stumbled upon a long queue. There was a stall selling taiyaki with ice-cream. It looks like what Tai Parfait in Singapore is selling. As Singaporeans, when we see a long queue, we don’t ask, just queue because it means that there must be something good that makes people willing to queue for it…

After trying the taiyaki which was really very good, we visited some of the shops around as well. There is a shoe shop which sells very beautiful flats. Their flats were really very comfortable although it was a bit pricey. But the lady might give you discount if you pay cash. I bought a pair which costs around 35000won.

After walking for quite a bit, we stopped by Zoo Coffee to grab a bite. We initially wanted to go to the other outlet where the ‘Innocent Man’ drama has shot some of the scenes but it was really too far for us. Their beverages and food were okay but the decor inside the cafe was really very nice. We sat at the window seats to do some people watching. It was relaxing to me to enjoy the food, atmosphere and the view of the street from the cafe.

After resting, we continued to walk and shop as we go. As it was summer when we visited, we would enter the shops just to enjoy the air-con.

The Flea Market or they called it ‘The Free Market’ was a street with a lot of small booths that sells handmade craft works. The items there were not cheap but if you like the artwork that the person does, show some support by buying their craft work. I bought a handmade leather passport cover for a friend. It was a very unique and yet simple design, and I believe I don’t see it anywhere. The walls along the street were covered with graffiti which gave that street a very artistic and young feel.

After visiting the flea market, we went to shop a bit and have our second round of ice cream from the famous Softree. If you like the milky taste, this ice cream will suit your taste. Softree has opened a store in Singapore, 313 Somerset. The ice cream tasted the same as the one I had in Korea. For those who cannot have the chance to taste in Korea, Singapore’s store might be the next best option.

We have also visited the ‘Thanks Nature Cafe’. It was a beautifully decorated cafe with two sheep that were kept within the enclosure area. You can take some pictures with the sheep and have a feel of its soft and fluffy wool. I felt so sad for the sheep as it was really a hot summer and it was having a thick layer of wool which just made it feel hot. I heard that the owner was planning to move the sheep to another place where the temperature was cooler. Good for the sheep!

After having dessert and tea, we continued walking, trying to locate Haha’s BBQ restaurant. Not too sure was it because address was wrong or just bad luck, we could not locate it. So we decided to stop by a random BBQ which was super crowded with Koreans. With our limited Korean, we managed to order some meats and beers for ourselves. The food was extremely delicious…

After a long day of walking, we decided to return back to guesthouse to rest…

The next post will be on some palace tour and Everland.  안녕


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