Seoul Part 4 – Everland

Everland, one of the must-visit theme parks in Seoul during Summer. To reach Everland, we took train to Giheung Station, transfer to Yongin Everline and alight at Jeondae/Everland station. From the station, cross the overhead bridge and you will see a queue for shuttle bus which will take you to Everland. Shuttle bus is free and takes about 15 minutes to reach Everland. The entire journey time took us about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Nevertheless, weather was great and we were really excited about it.

A tip for budget travellers: Google for some discount vouchers which can save you quite a bit. For Singaporeans, visit Korea Plaza at Samsung Hub. KTO may place some brochures there and sometimes there are some cut-out coupons which can give you discounts to some of the attractions.

Once we bought the entrance tickets, we immediately went for the rides. Since we are quite early, the queues were not that long for some rides. However, there were also rides that were not yet ready at that time. Bags can be deposited in the lockers and small fees applies. Bring along some small change in case you need those lockers.

Some rides were very popular among the adults. The roller coaster, which made up with wooden planks, was really popular and the queue was extremely long even when Everland just open its door. The roller coaster ride lasts for 3 minutes and its downward slope and elevated heights were the highlights for this ride.


After a couple exciting rides, take a stroll at the Rose Garden. As the season is summer, flowers were blooming and great for taking nice pictures. A lot of the Korean dramas also have scenes filmed at Everland because of its beautiful scenery. Remember to watch the parade which will normally take place in the late afternoon.


Other than the exciting rides and beautiful gardens, Everland also has a zoo. I guess this place is not just to cater for adults, they are also catering for kids and families. We took a bus ride which drove us to the enclosure area. Remember to get ready your camera for picture-taking because the animals will be really very close to you!!


The bus driver was very entertaining. He brought some food along to attract the animals to our bus so that we can have closer look.

That is all for my experience in Everland and Seoul. Although it is a very short post this time round, I hope my blog has been very informative for travellers who are planning their free-and-easy trips.

Look out for my next post, which will be on Spain.





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